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Give your walls the distinction of a leveled and smooth finish with Birla White Levelplast. This water-resistant, white cement-based product is perfect for levelling concrete/mortar walls and ceilings especially when there are major undulations. It fills up the fine pores of concrete/mortar walls and ceilings to give a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. A superior substitute for POP and Gypsum, it possesses more adhesive strength and durability, while increasing the life of your paint. This ensures your walls look freshly painted, even after many years.

PRoduct highlights


  • High tensile adhesion strength
  • High bond strength
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Polymer modified product
  • Low capillary absorption
  • Provides an ease of application


  • Superior bonding
  • Provides high durability
  • User friendly
  • Saves labour and time
  • Long lasting
  • Prevents growth of fungus
  • Water resistant
  • Does not require water curing


  • RCC surfaces
  • Ceilings
  • Block work as a replacement of plaster
  • Repair works
  • Restoration of old historical buildings





test method

Tensile adhesion strength @ 28 days
for application thickness of-
5 mm
10 mm
15 mm
>N/mm2 0.75~0.90
EN 1348
Compressive strength at 28 days >N/mm2 15- 17 EN 196
Water Absorption ml (in 30 minutes) 0.2~0.5 Karsten Tube
Water Retentivity % 98.5~99.5 EN 1965
Setting Time* Minutes 40~60 In house test procedure
Pot Life Minutes 40-60 In house test procedure

Get the best possible results with Levelplast!

  • Step 1

    Prepare the

  • Step 2

    Clean the

  • Step 3

    Measuring identifying marking undulation

  • Step 4

    patch coat

  • Step 5

    leveling coat

  • Step 6


  • Step 7

    finish coat
    and painting

we’ve got the answers!

  • What is Levelplast?

    Levelplast is a water-resistant base coating for levelling the surface and provides a protective base to your expensive paints.
  • In what form is Levelplast available?

    Levelplast is available in dry, free flowing powder form.
  • What are the main constituents of Levelplast?

    Levelplast mainly consists of Birla White Cement, high quality polymers, mineral fillers and specialty chemicals.
  • How many coats of Levelplast are applied on the surface before painting?

    It depends upon the undulations in the base surface. Generally, two coats are given followed by one or two coats of Birla White Wallcare Putty (SF).
  • Can I use Levelplast on a damp wall?

    Yes. Levelplast has a unique formulation, which makes it suitable for damp walls.
  • What type of surface is ideal for applying Levelplast?

    The surface could be rough plaster. Levelplast can be applied directly on block work/brickwork and on cement concrete surface.
  • Do we need to cure the surface before applying Levelplast?

    The surface should be pre-wetted prior to application. This helps in providing a strong bond with substrate.
  • Can I use Levelplast on moist walls?

    Yes. Levelplast has a unique formulation, which makes it suitable for application on moist surfaces.
  • Does Levelplast provide a breathable surface?

    Yes. Levelplast provides a breathable surface and allows any trapped moisture to escape, which keeps the wall dry and clean.
  • What is the maximum thickness of Levelplast that can be applied?

    Levelplast can be applied even up to 20 mm thickness. But it should be applied in layers. Generally in steps of max 6mm, of Levelplast is applied.
  • Can we apply Levelplast instead of Wallcare Putty?

    Levelplast is not a substitute of Wallcare Putty. After the application of Levelplast, we need to apply Wallcare Putty to finish the surface.
  • What type of paint is most suitable with Levelplast as base coat?

    As the surface is finished with Wallcare Putty, any type of branded paint is suitable for the finishing coat.
  • Does Levelplast require curing after application?

    Curing is not required for Levelplast.
  • What is the ideal coverage of Levelplast?

    Although coverage would depend on surface quality, in general, it would be around 28 sq.ft./ 20 kg. bag, for a thickness of 8 mm.
  • Is it helpful to use a stirrer for mixing Levelplast for application?

    Yes. Use of a stirrer to mix Levelplast and water is recommended for proper mixing.
  • Is Levelplast suitable for external application?

    Levelplast is one-of-its-kind material, which is suitable for external as well as internal application.
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    Birla White Levelplast - Water resistant wall leveller