The elegant décor of your home can be easily marred by the eyesore
of flaking, ruining the expensive coats of paint on your walls.

Birla White Wallcare Putty offers you total protection against flaking. Its superior quality makes it the only putty in India to meet global standards. As a white cement-based putty, it binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp, and forms a protective base. It fills up the fine pores in the walls and ceiling, gives you smooth and dry surface to paint on. With an effective protection against flaking, you are assured of a good looking home for years to come.

PRoduct highlights


  • Better adhesiveness and durability, which increases the life of paints
  • Does not require any curing after application
  • With extra HP polymer, it has a superior water resistant property
  • Binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp
  • Gives surfaces a smooth and glossy finish
  • Zero VOC & Green product, hence prevents health hazards .


  • Prevents flaking
  • Prevents the growth of algae and fungi
  • Resists dampness on painted surface
  • Applicable on moist surfaces
  • Effectively reduces the consumption of paints
  • Accepts any kind of paint or distemper application on it
  • Possesses anti-carbonation property


  • Ideal for finishing and decorating exterior and interior walls of all kinds
  • It's perfect for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technology parks, educational institutes, airports, railway stations, theatres, exhibition halls, flyover walls etc.
  • Can be used on repainting (after removing the existing paint and base coat) as well as freshly painted ones

Extra HP Polymers

When moisture seeps through the insides of a wall and reaches the paint surface, it can cause it to crack. This makes the wall appear old and dull. Even worse, these walls become a breeding ground for fungi.

To fight this problem in the most effective way, Birla White Wallcare Putty has developed a formula with Extra HP Polymers. This unique formulation doesn’t allow water molecules to reach the paint surface, keeping your walls drier, safer and as beautiful as ever.




as per hdb,
for reference

test method

tensile adhesion strength
@ 28 Days
>1.0 >/=0.8 N/MM2 EN 1348
Compressive strength
@ 28 Days
>4.5 3.5 – 7.5 N/MM2 EN 1015-11
setting time (minutes)
EN 196
30 Min 28 Days
WATER RETENTIVITY % >98 >95 DIN 18555-7

5 steps to perfect walls

  • Step 1

    Getting the
    Base right

  • Step 2

    Mixing water
    with Wallcare

  • Step 3

    putty to the

  • Step 4

    putty on the

  • Step 5

    of Wallcare

we’ve got the answers!

  • What is Birla White Wallcare Putty?

    Birla White Wallcare Putty is a water-resistant base coat, with extra HP polymer which provides a protective base for your expensive paints.
  • What are the main constituents of Birla White Wallcare Putty?

    Birla White Wallcare Putty consists of Birla White Cement, high quality extra HP polymers, specialty chemicals and mineral fillers.
  • How many grades/types of Wallcare Putty are available and how are they different?

    Birla White Wallcare Putty is available in two grades: SF (Fine Putty) and MF (Coarse Putty). Wallcare Putty MF is used as first coat on the surface to cover major undulations and final finishing is done by applying Wallcare Putty SF.
  • How many coats of Birla White Wallcare Putty should be applied on the surface before painting?

    The number of coats depends on the quality of the surface on which it is applied. Normally, 1-2 coats of Birla White Wallcare Putty MF and 1-2 coats of Wallcare Putty SF are ideal.
  • What type of surface is ideal for applying Birla White Wallcare Putty?

    Almost every kind of surface. But it should be free from loose particles, oil stains etc.
  • Is there a need to cure the surface before applying Birla White Wallcare Putty?

    The surface should ideally be pre-wetted before applying Birla White Wallcare Putty. It helps in providing a strong bond with the substrate.
  • How to increase the thickness of Birla White Wallcare Putty's coat to cover undulations in the wall?

    Birla White Wallcare Putty SF should not be used as a levelling material. However, for such cases, Birla White Wallcare Putty MF (coarse putty) in multiple coats should be used before applying Wallcare Putty SF.
  • Should curing be done after the application of Birla White Wallcare Putty?

    In case of Birla White Wallcare Putty, curing is not required.
  • What is the ideal coverage area of Birla White Wallcare Putty?

    Although, the coverage area would depend on the surface quality, the coverage area of Birla White Wallcare Putty SF is 20-22 sq.ft./kg and for Wallcare Putty MF is 9-10 sq.ft./kg in ideal conditions.
  • Birla White Wallcare Putty or POP (Plaster of Paris) - which is better?

    Birla White Wallcare Putty stands out as a much better option than Plaster of Paris. POP is extremely hygroscopic and is susceptible to the ingress of moisture, which damages the surface. But Birla White Wallcare Putty is a white cement-based product with the property of water resistance. Also, a coat of primer should ideally be applied on POP, which is not required in the case of Birla White Wallcare Putty.
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    The biggest advantage of Birla White Wallcare putty is that there is a bright and cheerful atmosphere in the house. It is washable and therefore stains can be removed very easily. It offers a superior quality and finish. Definitely, much better than other brands in this category. We have recommended Wallcare putty to many friends and relatives.

    Individual home builder from Baroda

    Due to application of Birla White Wallcare putty, our house has been blessed with prosperity and peace. We are very satisfied with this product and recommend it to everyone.

    Individual home builder from Delhi