Birla White Cement gives your walls the look that you desire

Birla White Cement takes artistic expression in architectural design to the next level. Being a product of the most advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, it offers a pristine white canvas for crafting architectural elegance. Its exceedingly high refractive index and high opacity imparts brilliant lustre and a smooth finish to surfaces, even when blended with pigments. It offers the freedom to create designs with a wide palette of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Birla White is the preferred white cement for decorative paints, plasters, mosaic tiles, terrazzo flooring and white cement based value-added products.

Product highlights


  • It has a superior whiteness of 89+ Hunter Scale
  • It has a high refractive index
  • It has a high compressive strength of 60 MPa
  • It has superior fineness in the 370 – 400 Blaine
  • It possesses high opacity that imparts a brilliant lustre
  • It offers freedom to create designs


  • Better get up of colors/true tone of pigment
  • Less consumption of Pigment
  • Higher fineness- better dispersion of pigment, Better coverage
  • Higher Strength-less cement consumption for targeted strength


Birla White makes your floor space a personal work of art
Birla white gives you long lasting wall and everlasting Pride!
Birla White has stretched its usability across multiple creative options



IS: 8042. 1989

Birla White


Test Method

a. Insoluble Residue %
b. Iron Oxide %
c. Magnesium Oxide %
d. Sulphur Trioxide %
e. Alumina/Iron Oxide
f. Lime Saturation Factor
g. Loss on Ignition %
Max. 2.0
Max. 1.0
Max. 6.0
Max. 3.5

0.66 – 1.02

Max. 1.0
Max. 0.30
Max. 2.0
Max. 3.5

Min. 0.88

Max. 1.0
Max. 0.30
Max. 2.0
Max. 3.5

Min. 0.88

a. Degree of Whiteness
ISI Scale
Hunters Scale
b. Fineness, (Blaine) M2/kg (Specific Surface)
c. Setting Time (Minutes)
1. Initial
2. Final
d. Soundness
1. Le-Chateliers Method
2. Autoclave Expansion %
e. Compressive Strength (Mpa)
(Cement and Std. Sand Mortar 1:3)
3 days
7 days
28 days
f. Retention on 63 micron sieve %
*Or even more Fineness can be supplied
against specific contract.
Min. 70

Min. 225

Min. 30
Max. 600

Max. 10
Max. 0.8

Min. 14.4
Min. 19.8
Min. 29.7

Min. 80
Min. 90
Min. 370

Min. 60
Max. 160

Max. 2.0
Max. 0.15

Min. 35
Min. 45
Min. 58
Max. 2.0

80 - 84
370 – 400

60 – 80
100 – 120

Max. 2.0
0.06 - 0.15

35 – 40
45 – 50
55 – 62
Max. 0.6 – 2.00

how can we

Help you?

how can we
Help you?

we’ve got the answers!

  • What is Birla White Cement Wash?

    Birla White Cement Wash is an application of white cement to coat the internal and external surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc.).
  • What are the main advantages of Cement Wash?

    Birla White Cement Wash fills up the hairline cracks, which are developed on cement plaster surfaces thus reducing the water seepage in the structure. It acts as a base coat for subsequent paint coats. The coverage of subsequent paint coats will be more as it prevents the absorption of paint by the base surface. Also, it gives the paint a better shine.
  • Does Cement Wash require any water curing?

    Birla White Cement Wash requires curing for at least 2 to 3 days.
  • How many coats of Birla White Cement wash need to be applied?

    About 2 to 3 coats of Cement Wash will give the required finish. If it is used as a primer coat, a single coat is sufficient.
  • What kind of surface preparation is required for Cement Wash applications?

    The base surface should be free from dust, grease, laitance, etc. Also, the surface should be thoroughly pre-wetted. Usually, poor pre-wetting leads to adhesion loss and dusting of Cement Wash.
  • Can we apply Cement Wash over existing painted walls?

    Generally, it is not preferred. If it has to be applied over any painted surface, then thorough surface preparation is required. If the surface is painted with acrylic paint then Cement Wash cannot be applied.
  • What is the life of Cement Wash?

    Cement Wash will usually last for 2 to 3 years.
  • What is the coverage of Birla White Cement Wash?

    The coverage depends upon the substrate. If the substrate is porous, the coverage will be less. Usually, 1 kg of Birla White Cement will give 25 to 30 sq. ft. per two coats on a normal substrate.
  • What is the difference between Cement Paint and Cement Wash?

    Cement Paint is a paint made by mixing white cement, fillers, additives and extenders, and adding pigments to the mix to get the desired shade. Whereas Cement Wash is just a coating done with pure white cement and no additives are added. It’s available only in white colour.
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